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Baron de Montesquieu

His main belifefs were goverment with seperation of powers between 3 powers the King, Parliament and the English Judges. The three branches of government used in our society are the legislative, executive and judicial. Another system he thought up was the system of checks and balances.

The purpose of having seperation of powers is so one branch of government doesn't get to powerful. If one branch became too powerful than the others, the system of checks and balances would prevent them from getting more power then they should. This system is specifically designed to prevent one branch from having more power then the others.

So many of Montesquieu's books were sold during this time because the citizens were interested in the new ideas. The age of Enlightenment sparked new theories and people became curious to find out about the world. Since this was the age of the new thinking tactics they were open to many peoples ideas and opinions. It was dangerous to have new ideas during this time because the Church and the government prosecuted any rebellions to the accepted beliefs.

Yes, there is a connection between Montesquieu's views of government and the US system of government. His writings applied that he believed that government powers should be seperated into three branches: legislative, executive and judical. In the US government, we have the three branches just as Montesquieu suggested to prevent tranny. We have the system of checks and balences to make sure that not one branch has excessive power.

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